Puppy Snatcher

Join us at Beach London next Wednesday the 4th of December as they debut the solo exhibition of London-based graffiti artist Malarky.
After a two-year period painting in Barcelona with some of the city’s most prominent writers, Malarky adapted their sun-kissed, summer-loving, sangria-drinking, colour-bursting style.  Upon returning to London in 2011, he took over the walls and shutters of East London, bringing a splash of fun to an area known for it’s dejected, grey and miserable ‘Street Art’.  One of London’s most recognisable writers, few visitors to Shoreditch will have missed his ubiquitous Fox character, and his array of colourful friends unleashing chaos on the walls of the city.
The East London based gallery and store will showcase Puppy Snatcher will be Malarky’s first exhibition of this new body of work, to RSVP contact press@coffinoncake.com