Disappear Here

The Vice annual 'Fiction Issue' returns with a "Hollywood" movies theme, including interviews with actors, directors and writers as well as work from Richard Phillips and Martin Parr.

The great Disappear Here shoot based on 80s film 'Less Than Zero', features custom YR Store tees made by the team at Vice. Photography by Stephanie Sian Smith and Styling by Kylie Griffiths.

The shoot comes ahead of the launch of the eagerly awaited YR Store app later this month as detailed in the August issue of Glamour Magazine alongside miAdidas. The feature entitled 'Fashion at you Fingertips' states "Pick frm a range of plain tees, sweaters, tote bags and iPhone covers, then use the digital design suite to create a unique slogan, pattern or print to put on it. They'll make it and have it delivered within 24 hours. Available from July 8, free on iPhone and iPad".
For all YR Store press enquiries, contact Press@coffinoncake.com