Smart Soles

 Here's a selection of our latest coverage from VIVOBAREFOOT including, Vivo on the cover of Men's Fitness and the amphibious 'Ultra Pure' recommended for making any water experience more comfortable, with 'no more hobbling over stones'.

Meanwhile Health & Fitness, discuss the benefits of less-cushioned shoes and the science of VIVOBAREFOOT, featuring the Evo Pure in their '6 of the best'. Jamie Page, buying expert at Vivo says, 'A good running shoe lets your foot behave naturally while providing grip and protection. Extra cushioning or arch height is only likely to alter and interfere with your posture.'

More of our favourite features, with VIVOBAREFOOT, from this week included, the best off-road and trail shoes in Women's Running and Men's Running, running tips and advice from Vivo personal trainers in Runners, fitness style in Top Santé and the A/W14 range featured in the Great Outdoors.

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