The Wildfang Club

"Wildfang is an attitude, a vibe, a spirit. It's that magic of our childhood we carry with us. It makes us stand out and it binds us together. Sometimes it's obvious, sometimes we have to look twice. But one thing is for sure: it never leaves us. 

Inside all of 


 is a Wildfang."

This Fall, Wildfang presents a collection based around the ‘Wildfang Club’ - their own secret society.  For the first time the brand present the club’s crest, featuring across embroidered sweatshirts, tees and tank.  The crest encapsulates the Wildfang logo as well as the brand’s wolf mascot in a modern emblem with classic appeal.  Embodying the covert nature of a secret member’s club the collection also features maritimesailing flags, which only to the trained eye, spell out WILD. Rounding out the collection are limited edition women’s button ups in partnership with PDL, as well as the brand’s exclusive TOMBOY tees and tanks.

“Inside all of us is a Wildfang. We are punks and preps, mavens and mavericks. But Wildfang is at our core” says Wildfang’s Creative Director Taralyn Thuot, “It bonds us together in a shared spirit and attitude. For the launch of our fall collection, we wanted to show the breadth and diversity of the Wildfang club.”

To launch the collection Wildfang present a campaign inspired by the grungy Marc Jacobs campaigns of the 90s and the vivacious creatures in Where the Wild Things Are. Dropping into the lives of a tribe of Wildfangs roaming the forest and making it their playground, the campaign features 16 natives of Portland from models to tastemakers and designers shot on location on Sauvie Island.

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